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Publicerat onsdag 23 september 2015 kl: 20:00 Margaretha Sjögren
sep 2015

 SOLVATTEN – Safe Water from Women to Women
I am Finnish Soroptimist Taru-Maija Gustafsson and visited Nordic Soroptimist Meeting in Billund, Denmark, in September 2014, where Solvatten was demonstrated. Solvatten is a Swedish innovation that uses solar energy to purify contaminated water. I immediately thought about my daughter Milla Gustafsson, who owns two farms in the northern part of Malawi. I wrote to Milla and asked her to take a look at  and she thought that it would be worth to test units also in Malawi.
 I and my soroptimist club SI Naantali raised € 1400 in Finland at a fast pace in collaboration with the SI Sweden Solvatten Project Group. Two boxes of six Solvatten units was sent to Malawi, where they have now been distributed to poor women, mostly HIV-infected, working on the farm in Malivenji. Their lives have changed drastically for the better. I visited Malivenji and met all those women in August 2015. They were very happy and thankful for Solvatten units. ” We can save a lot of time and also energy using Solvatten to warm up water. Also the daily hygiene is now better,” said Monica Tchereko.
SI Naantali celebrated 40 years anniversary in June and decided to donate more Solvatten units to Malawi. Now we have a new cooperation partner in Malawi, Eva Demaya Centre, Malawian NGO organisation, which has been active since 2001 in Luviri, Rumphi district.
The aim of the Centre is to develop and help the surrounding population to improve their living conditions   Three boxes of six Solvatten units are now on the way to Eva Demaya Centre in Malawi.
 This project is a good example of cross-country Soroptimist co-operation and hopefully it can grow. SI Naantali in Finland will take part in SI Sweden’s successful union project has become a Solvatten Program that will continue as long as donators find it worthwhile.
The Solvatten Account is Nordea – IBAN:SE95 9500 0099 6034 0657 1178, BIC-code SWIFT: NDEASESS. For more information, please see 
The account of SI Naantali is Nordea – IBAN: FI56 2151 1800 0131 05 BIC-code

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