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Publicerat torsdag 10 december 2015 kl: 15:49 Christine Safi-Roslund
dec 2015

I wanted to send my warmest congratulations to our Tunisian Sisters but has obviously an old mail address to a sister in Club Tunis-Ariana.

I want to share the happiness I feel today together with ta huge hope for the Tunisian people, especially for women and young people. I hope that this will inspire many other countries to work for democracy and for equality. This has shown that it is possible to talk to each other, to work and act over political, religious and other borders. It is my sincere hope that the Tunisian National Dialogue Quartet will serve as a model for all countries, organizations etc to work for a fair world for all people.

Christine Safi Roslund

Göteborg-Bohus Soroptimist Club


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