SNLA (english)

Nordic Leadership Training for young women 

röros 2018


Leadership is not just about being rich and famous, or being above others. Nor is it about being stronger and smarter than others. Soroptimists in Macedonia, who have been running a Soroptimist Leadership Academy for 3 years, first developed the concept of leadership that we will teach you. Our style of leadership is about self-respect and self-confidence. It is about being ready to learn new things that are not always taught in schools. It is about taking on challenges, and enjoying them, about being inspired and inspiring others.



The SNLA is not a summer vacation. It is planned to take place in a beautiful setting however, but it is a very intensive 5 day-experience that will show you ways to become a first class leader. The first SNLA was held on the island of Öland, just off the South East coast of Sweden. The survey taken just after the week of the SNLA that summer indicated that around 90% of the participants responding found the SNLA "Very Good" to “Excellent". The next one was held in the summer of 2018 in Norway and the survey results there were the same.


The SNLA will help you to find the capacity for leadership from within yourself and with the strong support of the highly qualified and experienced women who will be your guides on this journey of discovery. We start the process prior to arriving at the venue, with pre-course assignments.  Everything will be in English! 



What does a day at the SNLA look like? Every day we have some form of physical exercise to get the brain working! We continue with workshops that will support your professional development and leadership skills (for example, how to run a project, how to make a great presentation, how to debate, how to be motivated and motivate others, how to work in teams and with diversity.   Reflection time is dedicated to your inner thoughts, to learn to trust your instincts and your emotional intelligence. There will also be time for cultural activities, networking and building relationships with other participants, singing together and being creative. 



- If you are a woman aged 18-30 

- If you have no problems communicating or studying in English 

- If you have a Soroptimist Club, Union or other sponsor that will support your participation (you may also cover expenses yourself) 

- If you are ready to take the challenge and learn how to be a leader in your community/organization 

- If you want to help make the world a better place 

- If you would like to meet women from the Nordic countries, whether native to the country or not, who share your interests 

- If you are willing to participate actively in this unique Academy and learn from professionals who have achieved success in their lives 


Then you are the perfect candidate for the SNLA 2019 in Finland! The dates for SNLA are 24th - 28th June 2019 and participants are expected to arrive the day before and leave on the day after. For more information please contact Linda Schang - .