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Soroptimist International of Sweden

Soroptimist International is one of the world’s largest non-political organizations for professional women of all ages. Founded in 1921, the organization works through its global network of active members for the advancement of gender equality, sustainable development and peace worldwide.

Members are working locally and globally to influence public opinion and decision-making and to enhance women’s and girls’ rights in the world. High ethical standards, international goodwill, mutual understanding and friendship are guiding principles in our activities.

 In our clubs we inform ourselves of current and important topics and our goal is to exercise influence by participating in different projects in and outside Sweden. For the next few years, our national overall project will aim at assisting women who have fallen victim to trafficking. At European level, the aim of the Swedish Union’s project is to contribute to the water supply in the world. Click on the Solvattencontainer on the right hand side and read about our waterptogram.

The Swedish Union is the comprehensive term for today’s 44 Swedish Soroptimist Clubs from Luleå in the north to Malmö in the south. The Swedish Union was formed in 1950 when the first two Swedish Clubs, Stockholm and Uppsala, had been chartered.

The clubs are divided into five regions: Northern, Central, Eastern, Western and Southern. Go to tab Find us if you want to find a specific club and club contact.


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